Saturday, May 30, 2015

Waiting for fall

I have to say Fall is my favorite time of year the colors the weather kind of a bummer that its 5months away I have many shots ive yet to edit,planning on making a book of fall images so that will be posted closer to fall. 

Popular Abandoned

Popular abandoned sounds like an abandoned magazine tho you can get your fix with magazines like UEmagazine,Forgotten world magazine and Xplorzine.
this is a popular abandoned place in bombay beach Salton sea california with cat lady tags

Abandoned the Salton sea

photos from this explore are here on the blog look up the salton sea label/tag

Devils house bombay beach

Bombay beach sometime afew years ago a wonderful place for the urbex wanderlust make sure to checkout the video on the bottom.

More from Roadside highway 111

More from Highway 111 roadside Salton Sea

Near the abandoned fishing building are a few houses that lay abandoned