Thursday, December 10, 2015

Just an old Oak memorial

I had some free time before a party I was to photograph so stopped off at a geocache near by and was surprised to see a memorial in its place to boot. Here's a few images I took on this cold rainy day,if your in the area stop on by on Highland Springs Road also called the Patriot tree on google maps (N Highland Springs Ave, Beaumont, CA 92223)

(the poem on the tree reads)

“I grew up here all alone; you know, so spindly, small and frail,
‘Twas nicer here way back then, a horse and buggy trail
By the side of this country lane, I stood only four foot high,
I hardly got a sideways glance from folks a passing by
                         I am an oak, a scraggly oak, not mighty and not tall,
I’m approaching 80 years; I’ll be 80 in the fall...
‘Twas first a flag, then two more, I did not understand
And then I heard the prayers of those come praying hand in hand,
Each flag is for a mother’s son who went to meet the call,
I’ve seen the tears and heard the prayers for those who gave their all,
And so my job, both night and day, protect these many flags
Shads those who come to mourn their loss and do the best I can
I’m proud to be out here, there are no other trees to guard the many flags that,
Stand and flutter in the breeze.”