Thursday, July 23, 2015

Train song TB hotel (geocaching)

So here is another Geocaching moment this time with my daughter and a spot I had went to a few days earlier,so I new there be something to find and have a happy daughter.We pulled up I give my phone with the geocache app open and my daughter led the way,following the directions and we hit GZ and we looked and found the cache with some treasures inside and 2 logbooks to sign.

My daughter with the cache

We left with a smiley for the app and went on home happy cachers the rest are just trains shots of the area and the song they played.

Night finds ( GeoCache Swap Meet)

So went for a quick grab to this geocache had to wait as people were around,waited then went to ground zero and made my find for #8 

im really liking geocaching as I take the camera with me to take shots aswell,and get to see new places that I normally wouldnt goto.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Milestone View (cache)

So after doing a few things today I headed over to the industrial area here in Riverside off aqua mansa rd to find a geocache,the cords given were abit off prob due to someone moving it over some.The cache was in this brown tin with a few coins and treasures I signed the log and went on home.

Right behind the cache was a motor bike park of sorts with riders doing some pretty cool jumps 

A milestone view is the name of the park 

Heading home Ive been wanting to get this shot of this church for awhile so it was a pus for me

Thursday, July 16, 2015

walking on railroad tracks

Walking on the railroad tracks youll find plenty to shoot from graffiti to cars to abandoned places theres always something,so go walk along some tracks with a friend and the camera.Take the dog for a walk and youll be happy with your finds.

Underground exploring (urbex)



drainage systems are a great place to explore also dangerous so if you decide to enter do so with caution.I usually take two flash lights to new drains or my trusty maglight with extra fresh batteries.Boots to keep your feet dry depending on water levels and a tripod and the camera is all I need.Also water to drink is a must!!! 

shot these with my nikon d5100 and rokinon 8mm fisheye lens on tripod with a set timer of 5sec to get in front and camera ,setting at 100 iso f8 and 10-15 sec exposure times while shining my light about.

 there is light in dark places,tho you need to search for them

looking up crate street side

rabbit hole

After a few years of exploring this drain and using it for photoshoots its become a favorite of mine,also when I first explored it some years ago there was many big and I mean big spiders at the front of the entrance with some crazy colors on them.At the end of the tunnel there is spider webs all over the walls hence why I dubbed it the spider drain.

heres two vids I shot of the spider drain subscribe to my you tube channel for more explores.