Sunday, October 25, 2015

There is always something

There is always something to shoot no matter where you are,I no to some photographers they only shoot one thing one style but to me if you shoot abit of everything it opens you up to new ways of shooting.On this day i found myself waiting for a few clients to come to the near by rose garden,and as I waited I started to look at the trees near by and took a few shots.Stepping outside can offer an array of shots just take of the lens cap and start shooting.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Science fair and photography Museum

Went to the science fair downtown Riverside to see what it was like,it was abit muggy and was more aimed towards the little ones tho my daughter would of said the same thing i was saying BORING so me and my wife ended up going into the photography museum for the 1st time,Funny ive tried to go a few times before and it was always closed.Happy to have finally went in and got to see some Ansel Adams images,one from manzanar camp which many do not now he photographer unless youve been to Manzanar, seeing his work and that image really made my night.Why find the label Terminal island and the memorial of terminal island post the many people of that island where sent to Manzanar funny how all this things sort of feel into my way.It is very interesting has I was only at terminal island to photograph abandoned places but found the memorial and which led me to manzanar.

Ok so now im rambling on heres a few shots from the night 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Another geocache

Another cache to the list,thought Id stop by for a quick look after work this one was near the old plane house near the riverbottom here in riverside .ca this is a shot from my cellphone i tryed this one when i was very new to geocaching and i still am new but follow facebook pages and Instagrams and looking at  has taught me to look alittle closer even tho this one was very easy.

Also I have the C:geo app which i find alot better then the official intro app. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

In the Garden of Angels

Todays I headed to Beaumont California to photograph a party finished early and head towards home traffic was abit of a mess has the rain brought out the ignorant drivers.So I pulled off and drove to Desert Lawn memorial cemetery has its been on my list to see the Garden of Angels.There was a real sadness to the place but only a sadness to those lost and abandoned children whom this was made for.The rest was a feeling of what a beautiful place and what a wondeful way to give life back to those that have been abandoned.While I was there about 4 others cars pulled in to see the garden which is very small,tho the cemetery itself is quite big and with many old markers and points of interest.I took many images and will be posting another post on the garden and the surroundings in a future post.Cheers folks

Thursday, October 1, 2015

1st fall walk among the cemetery

My first walk of the fall season through a local cemetery a favorite of mine,im always finding new shots and things to photograph at Evergreen memorial cemetery located on 14th street in Riverside,Ca.Most of what I photogaphed this time were things others left behind has a few of the smaller things seem worn and weathered its makes me happy to see them like that,because I no they have been left behind by loved ones and others have had enough respect to leave them.

Recently ive seen this Angel which was placed not to long ago I hope the same respect is taken with this too.

while walking through I had to take a second glance has the stone said BOBO tho with a slight edit i added the period.Has to say Bob.O which happens to be may name.Kinda eerie to see your own name in a cemetery. 

in this particular cemetery there are many benches which have the names of those laid to rest marked on them.  

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Under a bridge and some

A spot in Colton California Ive been going to for some time now,I first found it many years ago while riding down the bike trail with my camera.There were quite a few abandoned places in the way of small pump houses,tho time has taken its toll and many have fallen and all thats left is one pumphouse and a small shack not below.The rest is in the river under the bridge,lots of graf and things to shoot.Ive used it for some time now for photoshoots thinking maybe a group shoot there soon.