Monday, June 29, 2015

Street Walking Downtown Riverside CA

I tend to end up downtown alot for photoshoots so ive decided to start taking shots of what I see

Ive seen a few blogs on tumblr dedicated to Riverside itself and figured why not

Riverside has more then a few coffee houses (Back to the Grind,the plum house) but theres one coffee house that I wish was still around "The Coffee Depot".

taken with my lens against the glass of the court house

the doors to the city

New and old

city in the background

The lamps downtown always reminded me of the Lamp from the Amityville 4 the horror flick

there is a few places that are now abandoned downtown from parking structures to buildings along the metrolink area.

Riverside is a wonderful place, take a look, from its architecture to its art scene and coffee houses with open mic days,take a walk to see what you can find,go into a coffee house and youll see all the art.One thing will lead you to another.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Street walking Mira Loma

Had a shoot a 1st among shoots to add to my list of a medical Marijuana shop,before the shoot I thought to get a few exterior shots of the building but found myself wandering abit.The 1st buildings almost look abandoned beside the one thats obviously is tho very active just like the cafe which I hear is fantastic.I was in Mira Loma California for my shoot wish I had abit more time to wander maybe hop a fence or too to see what i could find hahah but theres always next time. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

tonights excursion

So I seen an opening in a fence near some industrial buildings near the freeway so figured be great spot for some long exposures will be uploading some pics and a short vid of the night soon heres one for now, figured id shoot with my 50 was very pleased

Friday, June 5, 2015


The Devils school house

Once I enter the smell of urine hit me like a train its smelt bad I walked towards the 1st hall way to see specks of black marks all over the walls this turned out to be ratt/mouse droppings.I tried my hardest not to touch anythingand breath in to much of the air but I was excited to see this place has the locations was almost in plain site.Tho clouded by a tree line and fast driving cars no one would stop to see it.

Has I walked I felt has tho something was watching me I entered room upon room took my shots gagged abit from the smell,even with a shirt over my mouth/bandanna I still smelt the urine.Some rooms were so bad they looked almost wet with the amount of urine stained wood. 

I pressed on getting breaths of fresh air with every window I passed 

the further I went away from the entrance the smell disappeared it was like stepping back in time  

Heading back It sounded as tho someone was walking towards me with heavy feet I made some noise and I then heard running was this another explorer or something else.

I made my way to the front door to exit and you could hear the scurry of ratts in the walls,I felt accomplished I was happy but abit sick from being there for so long felt as tho a presence was with me.

I left and returned home to a nice hot bath after this explore I was drained and felt not like myself has tho something followed me home.I do believe in spirits I do believe there are bad spirits that drain your energy aswell.I was sick for almost two weeks with a bad cough and felt as tho something followed me home I opened my windows opened up my home and cleaned it so to speak,believe me or not,call me crazy but I got better the same day and everything felt right again.

I vowed never to return to this place again,"The Devils school house".