Wednesday, August 31, 2016

LETS GO 2 the "WORLDS" LARGEST paper cup in Riverside,California

Who knew Riverside California has the largest cup in the world
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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nikon N80/F80 images

 A few sample images taken with the Nikon N80/F80 film camera with kodak tri-x 400

The Nikon N80/F80 is a great film camera with many options at your finger tips, let the camera do everything itself and youll get great images. Shoot in Aperture mode or any of the other modes and you wont be disappointed.I will be posting a few more blogs in a month or so with some new images ive taken with this great camera.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Found Film Pinups

About a year ago a buddy of mine gave me afew of those vintage kodak film containers,in one of them was some film.He said that they were in his basement when he moved to the place and were full of dust,so he gave um to me.Up untill tonight they have been displayed as decor in my home.I always wondered what was on them so recently I decided I want to digital process my film by using a dslr and a lightbox (thanks Alex for the direction)So ive yet to make my setup,but wanted to see if I could do it with a phone lightbox and my dslr.Mind you this was a quick setup.I plan on scanning my own film and this film for better results in the future.

(Original shot taken only cropped)

(Quick edit via lightroom)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Finding Forgotten MORENO TUNNEL - Buried & Hidden (not my video)

(not my video but think I may head out there to check it out)

Funny as I see lots of people like always asking where is this,where,where,where......its called google maps,alittle research and you can find anything 33.970459, -117.156651 good luck spelunking

Candice Paige PinUp shoot

A few shots from my shoot with Candice Paige a pinup model from Riverside,Ca.Some of these images have been published in a few pinup magazines so im finally sharing on the blog.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Baby Cali

Baby Cali's 1 year old photosession

this one below is a personal favorite,even tho her hand is not fully in frame

Out of these two I couldn't decide which I liked more 


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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Asian Pacific Lunar Festival 2016

Asian Pacific Lunar Festival

The Asian Lunar festival was held on Saturday, January 30th in downtown Riverside,Ca. The first few shots were taken walking towards the festival.

(Art by - Jeff Soto/image below)


(The first congregational church,and Parish house)

Riverside's finest even had a setup where the kids could get free stickers and pamphlets.

Many cosplayers hung out at the Chinese Pavilion (in the background) during the festival.

In front of the Riverside Museum 



End of the festival blockade 

vendor goods

PEOPLE Walking around
(couldn't decide which to post,the color version or black and white)

(the Philippine table)

There was a lot to see, and many photographers out and about, with no shortage of subjects to shoot.

The image below was one of my favorites, because of the colors, and was one of those shots where I shot for the heck of it. 

Coming to the end of the festivities, my family and I went into the local museum.

Notice the window images. Look at the black and white version, and now look at the color version. Do you see the eye? I could not tell where it came from. The reflection of the window, or from somewhere else.

Local wildlife

The inside of the museum 

Collection of cameras

A few of my favorites from the collection

Passing the window on the second floor caught my eye

.....and out from the museum we went passing the church

Looking around one more time for something else to shoot,I always say look up.Photographers perspectives are pretty much the same,get low,shoot around waist levels,then eye level.Just remember look up.

The festival was fun. I thought I would have gotten some more shots of the festival and activities this year, but we showed up when none were scheduled earlier in the day. I recommend coming next yea,r and staying for the parade and fireworks and checking out the museums and galleries, or walking in and around the Mission inn.

Till next time thanks for viewing