Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Railwalking before shoot

 I came to this location early,as I booked a shoot here for a more fitness shoot on the tracks,walked about to check it out for the best points of interest of coarse taking images for myself.I really like the shadow outlining the sofa .

next shot was actually taken before leaving notice no shadow 

something about railroad tracks I find interesting could be the trains with all the graffiti or the history of the hobo and riding trains.

Funny thing about grafitti is that many graf artist find abandoned places and do there work in them,I myself love abandoned places and trade with graf artist for locations.

while taking my shots I met a man named Larry who you see in the distance here,I gave him a water and a pepsi he was happy to have them,we chatted abit about life and him being on the street. He came from the long beach area,he then stated that being homeless out in long beach is much different then out here in Riverside,because out there finding a meal and unity among others is easy,easy as in getting by, and its not to hard out there,tho out here In Riverside and the surrounding areas there are so many homeless folks on drugs its hard to find trust worthy people and everyone thinks your a druggy out here.He also stated that he wasnt at all without flaws,he himself was in fact a recovering drug addict and traveling and trying to help others out in his travels.He then pulled out what he called his Obama phone which was dying and said "well things could be worse" he smiled and said have a good day and shook my hand.

(he was on his way to check in with a homeless couple to see if they needed anything or if he could help with anything)

Has I walked away I got a nose full and spotted this poor fellow dead on a mond of dirt

after this my shoot was over and went on my way home,on the way home I pass the biggest paper cup in the world.

Downtown Riverside

Was waiting for a client to show up,so parked in the parking structure across from the tavern and museum and noticed the vines.

I headed upto the top of the parking structure stood atop the highest point and grabbed this shot of downtown.

Back to the car and attached my 50mm and grabbed a few of the museum in the background

the brightness of the outside and the contrast on the inside was abit tricky in getting the color in the leaves but got it after a few shots

Downtown Riverside is a special place,plenty to shoot lots of history and architecture much like anywhere,if you look youll find plenty to shoot. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A night of photography

8 photographers showcased from film to digital,great work shown tonight wish I was able to get some more shots of the other artist but it was pretty packed which is a good thing.Hope they have more photography shows.tag yourself if you see fit.Pleasure meeting the photographers/artist I did meet.(ps I was not a part of this show just sharing my images)